13 December 2020

Cult Jones

Introduction Cult Jones is a webshop specialized in collectible books and ephemeral items, focussing on art, design, fashion, music, photography and sexology. Challenge Design the new future proof Cult Jones webshop. Result [...]

16 October 2020


Introduction Vaeshartelt is a beautiful country estate with a rich history. The estate and the castle (hotel) are surrounded by nature and culture. It is a place where everyone can [...]

10 October 2020

Limbourg & Partners

Introduction Limbourg & Partners is a hi-end Executive Search agency with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Limbourg & Partners specializes in the recruitment, selection and mediation of professionals [...]

10 March 2020

Corrulite Font / Instant Habitat

Introduction Instant Habitat provides contruction panels which are manufactured using layers of corrugated cardboard (Correlite). Corrulite makes building houses possible at the point of destination and provides an effective sollution [...]

10 March 2020

Bijzonder Limburg magazine

Introduction Bijzonder Limburg is a concept for a new magazine about successful entrepreneurs in Limburg. Challenge Create a Logo and layout design for the Bijzonder Limburg magazine. Result A distinctive logo and [...]

14 February 2020

M-Print: 20 years of M-Plant Music

Introduction Twenty years have passed since Robert Hood established M-Plant as the outlet for his pioneering, minimal reinvention of the Detroit techno blueprint. To mark this anniversary, the next milestone [...]

1 February 2020

Engineroom Detroit Grand Pubahs

Introduction The Detroit Grand Pubahs launch their new techno label Engineroom with a re-recorded update of their classic track ‘Sandwiches’. Challenge Create a logo for Engineroom Records and cover design for the [...]

30 January 2020

Floorplan Altered Ego

Introduction Floorplan, an alias of Robert Hood is steadily proving itself as vital as the searing, broiling minimal techno artillery he releases under his own name. “Altered Ego” perfectly exemplifies [...]

28 January 2020

Petar Dundov Stairway

Introduction Croatian Techno producer and DJ Petar Dundov was born in Zagreb in the early ‘70s.  His career in dance music started 20 years ago and is still going strong. [...]

11 October 2019


Introduction Polygarde delivers with a social heart the right professional in the field of traffic control, safety or hospitality. Challenge Design a new corporate website that clearly shows what Polygarde [...]

11 October 2019

Steel Solutions

Introduction Steel Solutions is based in the steel and has become an important player in the steel chain. As an expert chain manager, Steel Solutions coordinates the complete process to [...]

21 June 2019

Brightlands Knowledge crossing borders

Introduction Brightlands hosts four campuses in Limburg, The Netherlands, that focus on research and business in materials, food, smart services and health. Brightlands offers business and talent support, accommodation, and a [...]

15 June 2019

Floorplan Victorious Album

Introduction Floorplan aka Robert Hood returns with a new album called Victorious, co-produced by his daughter Lyric. Victorious arrives at the right moment, as the sound of gospel is currently enjoying [...]

27 January 2019

Floorplan Paradise

Introduction "Paradise" is a collection of 10 tracks that harks back to decades of dance floor classics. The concept behind Robert Hood's Floorplan alias is to rope in a human element to techno [...]

10 March 2018

The Hub

Introduction The Hub is an innovate table design and starting point for inspiration, creativity and innovation.The Hub challenges people with different personalities, views and backgrounds to inter-act. Challenge Develop a [...]

10 March 2018


Introduction Lichtdesign is the umbrella name for 19 independent companies in the Netherlands specializing in light. Challenge Develop a new Brand Concept & Identity. Result A new Brand Concept, Logo design, [...]

9 March 2018

Logo’s various

Introduction The logo is the brand's visual keystone and one of the most challenging things to do as a designer. It has to be unique, clever and has to stand [...]

5 March 2018

Undercover Music

Introduction Undercover Music is a record label which releases covers of old tunes (pop, rock, hiphop etc). Challenge Develop a new Brand Identity. Result The cassette tape symbolises a music [...]

4 March 2018


Introduction Euroscan has grown over twenty years to become one of the most important suppliers of total solutions for data recording and online monitoring in the transport sector. Challenge Develop [...]

1 March 2018

Robert Hood Omega: Alive

Introduction Robert Hood returns with the Omega: Alive album (mixed live set). The album was presented at Club Nitsa in Barcelona during the Sonar Festival. Challenge Create the cover design for [...]

26 February 2018

Disco: An Encyclopedic Guide book

Introduction The Disco: An Encyclopedic Guide to the Cover Art of Disco Records book features the amazing artwork of thousands of disco record cover designs from the 1970s up to the [...]

18 February 2018

Sur/Meuse Muzique

Introduction When Dutch independent recordlabel Sur/Meuse Muzique started, they wanted to release two different styles of music, House and Electro. Challenge Create one generic cover design for both the Sur (Electro) [...]

18 February 2018

Diana Ramaekers Light & Space

Introduction Visual artist Diana Ramaekers is interested in the relationship between light and space: exploring and revealing fractions of another world behind the visible space around us. Challenge Develop a [...]

1 February 2018

Robert Hood Minimal Nation

Introduction Robert Hood's Minimal Nation is justly revered as one of the most important and defining techno records ever made. This is a re-mastered Special Edition of this classic release [...]

1 February 2018

Robert Hood Omega

Introduction Omega is a concept album of Robert Hood which is based on the 1971 sci-fi classic "The Omega Man", starring Charlton Heston, which in turn was based on Richard Matheson's [...]

31 January 2018

Petar Dundov Ideas From The Pond

Introduction Croatian DJ/producer Petar Dundov runs his own ‘Neumatik’ studio in Zagreb. Ideas From The Pond’ is his most accomplished work to date and features beautifully layered techno, hypnotic rhythms [...]

30 January 2018

Esteban Adame Day Labor

Introduction LA based Dj/ Producer Esteban Adame makes Techno, Jazz, House, Soul, and Noise collide. His affiliation with Detroit's Underground Resistance was paramount in shaping his sound as he continues to find [...]

27 January 2018

Robert Hood Motor: Night Time World 3

Introduction Film maker Julien Temple documented the rise and fall of what was once America’s fourth largest city in the form of the "Requiem For Detroit" documentary, which in turn [...]

10 October 2017

TEFAF Art Market Report

Introduction Design the 2017 edition of the TEFAF Art Market Report. Challenge Design the 2017 edition of the TEFAF Art Market Report. Result A beautiful 224 page reference book, printed [...]

5 March 2017

Argus Imaging

Introduction Argus Imaging BV, a company of Philips Healthcare, is a manufacturer and supplier of image intensifiers. Argus Imaging BV serves as the single source for Philips image intensifiers and medical [...]

12 February 2017

Rodahal Event Center

Introduction The history of the Rodahal begins in July 1966. The hall was also built to accommodate large events like the WMC, carnival celebrations, exhibitions, classical and pop concerts. Over the years many [...]

1 February 2017

Stapp Arbeidsintegratie

Introduction Stapp (Step) helps people with disabilities to find the right job. Stapp broadens their minds and helps them with making the first steps in the right direction. Challenge Develop [...]

27 January 2017

Private Wax Vol.2

Introduction Collector, record store owner and mine of musical knowledge, Zafar "Zaf" Chowdhry is a vinyl junkie. His first ‘Private Wax’ compilation, on BBE Records in London, immediately became a highly sought [...]

8 March 2016

Stichting Elisabeth Strouven

Introduction Elisabeth Strouven Foundation wants to provide help and financial assistance to organizations and institutions active in the social and cultural sector in and around Maastricht. Challenge Develop a new Brand [...]

1 March 2016


Introduction PosterHeroes proposes a debate on future’s energy policies. The contest represents a means of communication for young people, who may express their opinions which may then be adopted for a [...]

29 February 2016

Provincie Limburg Dichterbij

Introduction Limburg dichterbij (Limburg closer). A newspaper about the Limburg people, for the Limburg people. Published by the Limburg Province. Challenge Create a newspaper for the Limburg Province people, providing information [...]

29 February 2016

Crea Kappers

Introduction Crea is a creative and innovative group of professional hairdressers and makeup artists. Challenge Crea Kappers celebrates it's 20 year anniversary. Develop a new Brand Concept & Identity. Result Deliverables: Brand Identity, [...]

20 February 2016

Rodahal Provinciezaal

Introduction The Limburg Province is one of the main sponsors of the Rodahal Event Center. The main auditorium within the Rodahal Event Center was named after them and officially openend. [...]

19 February 2016

Stella’s Candy to your ears

Introduction Stella's (run by Stella) is the ultimate reahearsal studio for professional and amateur (rock)bands. The studio's are fully packed with gear, heated and BARIM certified. There's also a loungeroom [...]
Design Oder Nicht Sein (D.O.N.S.) / Patrick Vogt